You travel to Mozambique when you want to do as much or as little as possible - dive, fish, sunbathe, experience a safari or just enjoy long, lazy days on the beach surrounded by swaying palms. The country has a very special combination of bush and coast. Expect paradise beaches, blue skies and warmth.

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Unfortunately, most of the wildlife were killed during the civil war, but thanks to successful nature conservation projects and cooperation with national parks in neighboring countries, exciting safaris can also be experienced here. As the safari is “newer” here, you may risk having the national park for yourself.

Under water in Mozambique

The underwater world of the country is well preserved so dive or snorkeling should be included in the planning. The Indian Ocean’s islands and countries offer world-class diving opportunities. Coral reefs in Mozambique are healthy and you are welcomed by a rich wildlife – turtles, octopus, dolphins, whale sharks and devil rocks. Benguerra Island – must be experienced personally to understand how indescribably beautiful, magical and romantic this paradise island is. A honeymoon maybe?

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Places in Mozambique

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