In Namibia, the journey goes through endless landscapes where magnificent nature intermingled with stillness and animal wild life. The adventurous will be rewarded! The world's oldest desert, Namibia desert, is stretching along the country's coast. The contrast between the blue sea and red sand dunes is dramatic. The fascination of this destination is justified!


Equally dramatic can the meeting be with all the animals that live here in their natural environment. Book a meeting with the people of Himba, and be enchanted by the music and dance that is a wordless communication for everyday and special occasions. See how cattle nomad women, adorned with ocher, leather skirts and cornrows, dancing in trans to converse with the spirits of ancestors.

Namibian nature enriches your trip

A trip to Namibia is very enriching for visitors and the nature is for many an unforgettable experience. Etosha is one of the world’s largest national parks. Salt plains of the Etosha Pan is a sparkling lake when the rains are abundant, which attracts lots of colorful birds. Worth a visit is also the red dunes that meet the ocean at Sossusvlei. The distances are often long and well planned logistics is required for the trip to be as good as possible.

Unique travel tips about travel to Namibia

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