Cape Town is fast becoming the place for travelers looking for their next adrenaline fix. Experience shark diving, paragliding down from Table Mountain, try wine in one of the world's most famous wine areas - Africa's adventure capital is waiting for you to unleash.

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In Cape Winelands, just north of Cape Town, lies beautiful and idyllic Franschhoek. Here you taste the best wines in South Africa. You will discover fine restaurants, stylishly decorated hotels with delicious cuisine and a warm and personalized service. The atmosphere is embracing, and you feel pampered from the first moment.

Cape Town, Cape Winelands and South Africa – a great round trip

The capital is often a start on a round trip to South Africa’s known safaris and experiences. We recommend at least 10 days to see and experience as much as possible of South Africa on your trip here. Small time difference means that your vacation starts at once when you land. Spend 2–3 days here – experience the capital with areas around – the city is beautifully situated in the shadow of Table Mountain.

Unique travel tips about travel to Cape Town

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