Tanzania was nominated for the category of "World's leading safari destination in 2016" by World Travel Awards. This says much about the rich wildlife and safari the country has, and with the "big five" Tanzania attracts eager safari travelers from all over the world. Vacation havens are close and many travelers choose to combine safari with swimming and sunbathing.


In Tanzania, there are a variety of beautiful and wildlife-rich national parks and “private game reserves”. Each has its charm and offers its own unique experience. Are you in East Africa for the first time, we recommend that you visit the Serengeti. This is one of the world’s richest wildlife areas. The chances to see the “big five” up close are very good!

Combine safari with sun and bath

Explore the Serengeti Desert, with its abundant wildlife, or the Ngorongoro National Park. Gombe Stream National Park is the place where ethologist Jane Goodall studied the chimpanzees’ behavior for over 45 years. Other exciting places in the country is Lake Victoria, Africa’s largest lake, and Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain. With a combination of swimming and sunbathing on the islands of Zanzibar and Pemba – you get an unbeatable finish on your safari trip in Tanzania.

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