Welcome to Zambia - the country with spectacular sunsets, cascades of waterfalls, an abundance of wildlife and adventurous nature experiences that give your vacation the little extra - unforgettable memories created from the first moment. The Zambians make Zambia one of the most hospitable countries in Africa.


The country in southern Africa is famous for the legendary Falls of Victoria Falls, the wild Zambezi River and for the country’s unique natural wonders. The growth of Zambia’s big cities has been fast and comprehensive – Lusaka, the capital, is one of Africa’s fastest growing cities, while the historic city of Livingstone has become the “adventure capital” throughout Africa.

The world’s best safari in Zambia?

It is said that the safari experiences are the finest, most exciting and the most adrenaline in the world – you are face-to-face with the real Africa. The many national parks offer great opportunities to observe Africa’s wild life game with the country’s wild predators. On the Zambezi-river there are great fishing opportunities, adventure activities and safari-canoeing – you are enjoying one of the best protected rivers on the continent home to much of Zambia’s wildlife.

Unique travel tips about travel to Zambia

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