Just off the coast of Tanzania lays the holiday paradise of Zanzibar with its white beaches and clear waters. The island attracts travelers and divers from around the world. Many combine Zanzibar with safari in Tanzania. Here you can enjoy what the best Africa can offer. Good accommodations, nice strokes in turquoise water and your feet hugging the soft, white sand.


Through times, East African, Arabic, Indian, Persian and European conquerors left their mark on the island and in the local market in the capital, Stone Town, you can buy spices from around the world. The city is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage list and is still an important trading town. The city’s small and narrow alleys invite to the cozy walks.

The perfect sunny holiday

On Zanzibar, you will find everything to experience a perfect holiday in the sun. Relax on one of the miles of sandy white beaches, discover its rich nature and culture, and eat delicious African food. Do an excursion into the island and see the monkeys, leopards and other exciting wild animal species. The snorkeling on Prison Island is outstanding. Here you can watch and even feed the turtles. Or for you who thrive on a horseback – ride a horse along the beach and the seashore.

Unique travel tips about travel to Zanzibar

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