Asia is the world's largest and most populous continent with a thriving cultural life, long history and captivating traditions. Combinations of travel with culture, big city life and sun and bath are many - it's about finding the places, the routes and the hotels or resorts that suit your wishes and long-awaited holidays.


Taste and smell spicy spices, get to know other cultures, visit holy places and talk to friendly residents. Asia is the largest continent and offers something for everyone. Here are big cities, small towns, open landscapes, mountain views, lakes, rivers and squares. You can visit tropical rainforests and spend lazy days on Asia’s many paradise beaches.

The countries in Asia

Thailand is well-known to most and we are very familiar with the continent. The countries in Asia have a great deal of variety. Malaysia attracts travelers from all over the world endless combinations. Kuala Lumpur and Langkawi are a popular combination for big city life and sunbathing for travelers who long for beautiful beaches. If you want a more exotic and “wild” vacation, Borneo is an option. Vietnam attracts with its beautiful scenery and the Mekong River – the river of nine dragons – debouch just south of Ho Chi Minh.

Unique travel tips about traveling to Asia

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Places in Asia

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