Bhutan has for centuries been closed to outsiders and myths have grown strong and more mysterious. A trip to Bhutan is really something for those who want to experience something unique that not many Westerners have been through. According to ancient traditions employees of the state still have to wear traditional costumes – men a so called a gho and women a kira.


The myths surrounding Bhutan has grown strong, but there are not many who had the opportunity to see the reality behind all imaginative stories. Here you get an insight into the unique culture, you get to experience the Black Mountain National Park and the opportunity to join the fascinating Gangey trek where you spend the night in a camp of over 3000 meters.

Combine Bhutan with India

With us, we promise you a unique experience beyond the ordinary. In Bhutan, we travel perhaps once in life, and we can promise guaranteed a unique experience which is a rare luxury. A good combination is Bhutan and India, but it is also possible to combine with Bangkok. It is suggested to spend two nights in Bangkok and fly then to Bhutan and spend five nights there. A stay at Uma Paro by COMO is a deep dive into Bhutan’s unique culture, but also an opportunity to enjoy the luxury of a COMO resort.

Unique travel tips about traveling to Bhutan

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