Shimmering, glittering, unknown, shiny and indeed magical Burma. Experience the country that has been closed for a long time and controlled by the world's most stringent dictatorship. Myanmar, which is the country's official name according to the military junt, is one of the world's most Buddhist countries, and there are monks, temples and pagodas all over the country.


The friendly Burmese people are after many years of forced isolation very interested in foreigners and the interest in the outside world is great. Striking and beautiful tourist attractions have been opened – river cruises, quaint country villages and historic temples can now be explored. ‘Quite unlike any country you know about’ – said the poet Rudyard Kipling and his words describe very well how different and unique BurmaMyanmar are.

‘Quite unlike any land you know about’- Rudyard Kipling

The journey to BurmaMyanmar usually starts in Rangoon, which, with its temples and vibrant city life, provides an amazing start to your life’s experience – the appetite to experience more of the country is triggered. Happy and curious Burmese are interested in all tourists and in the local markets in the countryside, fresh fish and souvenirs are traded. The river crossing on the river Kipling, called the “Road to Mandalay”, gives you the best opportunities to experience the country.

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