The facade shows a state-of-the-art and vibrant international metropolis. But one of the world's largest cities surprises its visitors with its hidden cultural treasures and the Chinese everyday life in the hutongs, China's alleys. You should be curious. Experience the Chinese markets, food culture and history - behind the mighty facade.

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With the country’s most populous city, Shanghai, with about 23 million inhabitants, the first impression is overwhelming but a visit to the Yu-garden or to the famous teahouses gets the pulse down and you will be amazed by the contrasts. In the old parts of the city you get the feeling of the former life even though it is new polished and modern everywhere.

Shanghai was once colonized

Find the serenity of strolling in the French Quarter. Take nice breaks in cozy cafés and visit small bars. The first impression of Shanghai on arrival is changed by the contrasts that take you by storm. If even lower pace is desired, the water towns outside Shanghai are popular and close destinations. Either as a full-day excursion or with overnight stay. Shanghai surprises you – again and again!

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