Just the name connects beautiful colors, mysticism, royalty, mixed religions with beautiful temples - a kaleidoscope of art, culture and aromas. India's history is well preserved in what today represents several of the highlights of your trip. Let yourself be captivated by the culture and the thousands of breathtaking palaces that have been carefully cared for.


A round trip in India can take widely different shapes and the gems are reached in picking out the goodies. The country has been ruled by a number of indigenous kingdoms, which through time are often occupied by armies of Central Asian origin. Subsequently, Mogulriket became the mighty empire before the British took over the regime and brought the country towards the modern world.

The combinations in India are many

Taj Mahal – the love gift Sha Jahan gave to his sweetheart – is just as beautiful and stately as it is described. The mausoleum in Agra is on UNSCOS World Heritage List and is a copy of mogul architecture. Many choose to combine the trip to India with its rich culture, powerful history of sunbathing on beautiful palm-clad beaches. There are many combinations to choose so it is essential to plan and pick the right destinations when it comes to planning the trip.

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