If you like yoga, relaxation, sun and swim in the ocean, southern India is something for you. Explore the Indian culture while reload body and mind with new power. This place has some of the world's most beautiful beaches, tranquil backwaters and unspoilt, lush forests with lots of wildlife and unique plants.

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Ayurveda and prosperity are synonymous with Kerala in southwest India. Take the flight down and meet with a guide who takes you to the hotel. Stay in a wonderful, beautiful facility in a private bungalow with a roof of vast and magical sea view. Start the day with a yoga section followed by a long massage treatment, relax in the sun lounger and take a swim in the Arabian Sea’s cooling waves.

Enjoy a relaxing massage with herbal medicinal oils in Kerala

During 90-120 minutes you have the opportunity to enjoy Rasayana Chikilsa, which includes body massage with medicinal oil, cream and steam bath. This gives energy to body and soul and makes wonders for the skin. Kerala also has delicious food and offers a lot of organic and vegetarian fare. Drink good juices, enjoy sweet fruits and eat tasty meals. Coconut oil and coconut milk are basic products in the cooking process.

Unique travel tips about travel to Kerala

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