Indonesia offers mysterious rainforests, exciting volcanoes and beautiful deep sea graves. Indonesia consists of more than 13,000 islands, but only 6,000 of these are inhabited. Some of the largest and most visited islands are Java, Bali, Sumatra and Papua. There are many unspoilt islands with spectacular mountains, green rain forests and sweeping waves.


Hike, surf and dive. Meet rockets, dolphins, lizards, rhinos and orangutans. Visit everything from traditional villages, world heritage sites, volcanoes and rivers. Spend time outdoors in nature and in temples or at the spa and the popular golf courses. Mix spectacular world-class diving with perfect surfing beaches and near-mountain climbing.

Bali – the world’s best island resort

Indonesia’s islands have something for everyone – whether you want your own beach, fill your days with diving, visit ancient temples or shop in thriving metropolitan areas. Bali is considered the world’s best island resort with its enchanting culture, beautiful beaches and rhythmic dances and music. New Guinea is shared between Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. Papua and West Papua belong to Indonesia and have both high mountains as well as rain forests.

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