Bali, along with other famous paradise islands in Indonesia and the most popular, are close together and invite for wonderful combinations of dream travel to Bali. Numerous temples, beautiful and lush nature, romantic honeymoons, wonderful food, world-class diving and surfing ... you enjoy life in Bali.

Resor-till-Bali-med-Nygren-&-Lind-Resebyrå---par-på-strand Resor-till-Bali-med-Nygren-&-Lind-Resebyrå---god-mat resor-till-bali-med-nygren-lind-resebyrå---tempel-på-bali Resor-till-Bali-med-Nygren-&-Lind-Resebyrå---surfer Resor-till-Bali-med-Nygren-&-Lind-Resebyrå---strand Resor-till-Bali-med-Nygren-&-Lind-Resebyrå--kvinna-lugnet Resor-till-Bali-med-Nygren-&-Lind-Resebyrå---frukt Resor-till-Bali-med-Nygren-&-Lind-Resebyrå---apa-med-unge

It is hard not to be attracted to Bali. So beautiful and green, friendly people and a wide range of activities for those who like to be active on their holiday. Cycling among beautiful rice farms that lie green in rice terraces, is a way to experience the island for real – close by you get to know this beautiful island.

Combine Bali with the other islands

The nearest neighbor island is reminiscent of a former Bali – quieter pace, undisturbed beaches and a little less exploited. A combination of the islands makes the trip varied and full of impressions. For those who enjoy taking it a little easier, relaxing and keep a low pace, there are also opportunities for it. Bali’s beautiful places are great for yoga and the spa experiences are pure magic. Aesthetically everywhere – passion is in the heart of every Balinese no matter role.

Unique travel tips on travel to Bali

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