Lombok is one of two islands that form the province of Nusa Tenggara Barat in Indonesia. The island is the paradise for those seeking peace and relaxation. Less known than the big brother Bali but nicer beaches, bigger adventures and more beautiful sceneries. Lombok is rightly called the adventure island.

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Many tracks to the highest mountain and explore with great avid, the rainforest’s secrets. Nature’s appearance and vegetation vary depending on which side of the island you are exploring. When we talk luxury accommodation at Lombok, we talk about the location. Many hotels are located on the beach and when breakfast is enjoyed with the beach and the sea just outside your door, you get the feeling “pinch-me-in-arm”. That’s the definition of luxury, we think!

Surf and snorkel on Lombok

Lombok offers the world’s best surfing sites – without exaggeration! Located in the southern parts the surf paradise attracts surfers from all over the world. If you like it better under water, diving and snorkeling at Lombok are also considered one of the best experiences in the world. Visit local markets, small villages, temples and islands around. It is beautiful, it is affordable and last but not least – unforgettable.

Unique travel tips about travel to Lombok

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