Japan is the land of contrasts - technology, tradition, temples, teriyaki and tea. The fascinating variety of the country captivates and seduces. Japan is known to be a melting pot for history and present. The country is a leader in technology and fashion, while it is filled with beautiful mountains, parks and hot springs.


In spring, the beautiful cherry blossoms bloom and in the fall the country is filled with the beautiful shades of the trees in green and orange. Sushi is sold both in street cafés as well as in fine restaurants. Pick out the items on a regular basis, or order in other classic dishes like sashimi, tempura or soba. Slurping is considered a sign of good appetite and that the food tastes great!

Amazing versatility in Japan

Japan’s regions are all different in nature and offer different experiences. Hokkaido to the north with its snowy winters and open spaces. Tohoku with skiing, as well as hot springs. Kanto houses the major cities of Tokyo and Yokohama. Chubu in the middle of Japan is home to the Japanese Alps. Kansai produces half of the country’s business. Chugoku is the rural area while Shikoku is famous for Buddhist pilgrimage. Kyushu is rocky and has good surfing beaches.

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