Tokyo fascinates with its modern technology and has a huge selection of everything and a little more. High skyscrapers, great shopping, beautifully decorated palaces, historic museums and tea houses crowded in the city. The eyes will never rest here, discover things you late will forget.

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Tokyo is one of the world’s largest cities and is filled with contrasts. Nightlife is compared to the one in New York, fashion in Paris and tea drinking with it in London – yet it’s so different, this Japanese city has it all. In the entertainment district there are clubs, festivals, shopping centers and markets. The shellfish market Tsukiji, is the world’s largest of its kind.

Eat Takoyaki among the skyscrapers in Tokyo!

Local specialties in the large city are Monja-yaki and Fukagawa-meshi. Takoyaki, octopus balls are also popular and can be bought at street both. Likewise crepes and cool, trendy popcorn if you go to Harajuku. Here are also the young, hip Tokyo-living people and a great chance to see one of the famous cosplayers. Some famous areas of the city are Ginza, for its shopping, and Shibuya for its fashion culture. Are you interested in good secondhand stores, you will find it in the area.

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