Laos is an exciting country with an interesting mix of old and modern life. Both culture and nature offer amazing and magical experiences. Laos, formally the Democratic People's Republic of Laos, is a country in Southeast Asia bordering Burma and Thailand in the west, Vietnam in the East, Cambodia in the south and China in the north.


Buddhism permeates a lot of the cultural life in Laos and comes to a clear expression in art and architecture. Famous is the Pha That Luang Temple from the 16th century in the capital of Vientiane. The Laotian cuisine reminds you of the food in Thailand, but there are also small bakeries in some towns that remain since Laos was a French colony.

More Buddhist monks than tourists in Laos

The country consists of 98 percent Buddhism, and it is said that there are more Buddhist monks in the country than there are foreign tourists. This becomes clear when visiting the beautiful city of Luang Prabang. Once upon a time, it was the country’s capital and seat of the royal family before it was displaced in 1975 in the aftermath of the Vietnam War. Luang Prabang is today perhaps the country’s top tourist destination. Laos has tropical monsoon climate with two seasons.

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