Visit Buddha's native Nepal and become enchanted by the scenic views, the exciting culture and the beautiful mountains. Be fascinated by people's demons and ghosts, visit architectural national treasures in the capital Kathmandu, eat on the floor with locals, experience colorful festivals and spiritual energy filled in Bodnath.


The old exchange trade route between India and Tibet, used to pass through Kathmandu, creating a fusion of both cooking and architecture. Here are still beautiful palaces, monasteries and ancient temples. Admire the world’s highest mountain, Mount Everest, and quite certainly you’ll see many backpackers and trekkers on their life’s adventures.

Nepal between India and China

The country itself is enclosed by the Himalayas, between China and India, and has preserved most endangered animals throughout Asia. Visit the Royal Chitwa National Park which offers amazing animal experiences and safaris with jeep. If you are really lucky there are chances of seeing the leopard as well. Explore Lumbini, Buddha’s Birthplace, or any of the thousands of Buddhas memorials in the country. One of the holiest, Bouddha Nath cliff, is located in Kathmandu.

Unique travel tips about travel to Nepal

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