Philippines consists of over 7,000 islands with stunning nature, volcanoes, beaches and extremely clear water. Dive in underwater caves, snorkel the reefs or swim in waterfalls. Philippines is divided into three regions - Northern Luzon, Central Visayas and Southern Mindanao. East of the island group is also Philippine Trench, one of the ocean's greatest depths.


Scuba diving, windsurfing and relaxation – yes it describes very well the Philippines. When we add long beaches, rice fields surrounded by beautiful and striking nature the journey is almost complete … you can even see whales, dolphins, sharks and turtles. Do you prefer to explore the country and the mountains, visit tall, beautiful waterfalls.

Places to visit in Philippians

In Luzon, there are scuba diving, windsurfing and relaxation. Borocay has long beaches and rice fields, Cordillerad is famous for its beautiful surroundings. In Visayas you can visit Tibbataha Reefs National Park, a great place to dive. Palawan island attracts with its beautiful coral islands, underwater caves, coral reefs and lagoons. Visit the legendary World Heritage Chocolate Hills with its unique landscape of gentle hill formations.

Unique travel tips for Philippines

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