The beautiful and friendly Thailand has many beautiful islands that are ideal for sunbathing, swimming and adventure. Scandinavians have traveled to Thailand for many years and still going. Thailand is known for "The land of smiles" and signifies the friendliness wherever you travel in the country.


Welcome to the “Land of Smiles” – Thailand. Few countries in Asia can compete with Thailand’s range of exciting destinations, beautiful beaches, good local food as we know so well, a rich and exciting cultural influence of a long and eventful history, and last but not least, – the friendly and smiling faces that meets you everywhere.

Travel around in Thailand and neighbouring countries

The combinations with the countries around are many but also Thailand is explored in a more curious way by the tourists. In Chiang Mai in the north, you will experience a calmer life and be surrounded by magnificent mountains, exotic nature and magical temples. Combine this pearl with one or more of its neighbors to get the most out of your trip to Asia’s gems.

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