Phuket, one of the most famous and popular destinations in Thailand. Snorkel in the light blue sea, spend the days on the beautiful white beaches and enjoy the tasty fresh fruit. Or why not try thaiboxing in the jungle or visit the island where monkeys live wild? Here are activities for everyone.

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The destination attracts people from all over the world. The food is in world-class with lots of fruits and vegetables. Visit one of all the food markets and taste the local specialties, prepare for a tasty experience with very sour lime and fresh coriander. There are also small bugs to try out for the daring. Finish the meal with a hot, freshly baked crepe.

Vist the island in Phuket where monkeys are wild

Phuket is one of many islands among various excursions. Take a Thai boat, let the wind blow your hair and go to the James Bond Island. Here is the environment magical, high mountain walls in the water are forming the fascinating islands. Then go to the island, Ko Phanak, where wild snakes and monkeys live. Come close to the animals, but do not forget that they are wild. Island safari is a perfect day activity. Later in the evening, an intense nightlife begins!

Unique travel tips about travel to Phuket

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