Ho Chi Minh City

Mopeds and bicycles, populated streets, neverending rows of lanterns, a small chaotic city but with many sights. Find calm and peace at the water on floating markets or take boat trips in the evening. Brands from the war still exist, both below and above the ground. Discover Vietnam's journey from the war through various museums but also through the famous cu chi-tunnels.

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In Ho Chi Minh City there is a place for everyone, you can get out to different beaches if you want to be close to sea. For those looking for excitement, you can either rent bicycles and cycle through the large rice fields or follow a guided bike tour through Ho Chi Minh City. Are you interested in culture and want to get close to life in Ho Chi Minh City, you may visit the Ben Than market which offers everything you can imagine in a market. Also visit all the ornate temples that are around each street corner.

Go biking in Ho Chi Minh City

The food culture may not be as you thought, large rice fields do not always mean rice dishes when the national dish in Vietnam is the noodle soup Phó. The noodles are served with food in all varieties, such as tofu, beef, fish, chicken or seafood. Gliding through the river usually results in eating a good Vietnamese meal, with a lot of flavor and entusiastic cheers from the Vietnamese. While the central streets of Ho Chi Minh City invite more to snacks the central food stands offer more Vietnamese home cooking. Enjoy – either way.

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