In Albania, you will find everything from forgotten archaeological sites to the cute small villages where time has stood still. During the regime, the borders were closed and nobody could travel out of Albania and not many went there. This means that Albania was an under-developed country when the borders finally opened. Today the situation is completely different.

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You can find bunkers everywhere in the mountains of Albania, the dictator Hoxha ordered in the 70’s to build more than 300,000 to protect the country against the attacks that never came. The ruined city of Butrint, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is more than 2,800 years old. The cities Berat and Gjirokaster from the Ottoman period are also listed on the World Heritage List.

Albania developes for tourism

Saranda, in the south, is being developed into a tourist resort with many new hotels. Along the coast there are several beaches where you still can be totally alone. The Albanian cuisine is characterized by Greek, Italian and local specialties. Choose from a great selection of seafood, pizzas, risottos, pies and local casseroles and the national drink raki, a kind of brandy. You will not find the most expensive, finest gourmet dishes here, but you get good value for money.

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