We are on the Dalmatian coast, southeast of Dubrovnik, on the beautiful little peninsula of Cavtat. Stroll around in the romantic atmosphere on the cobbled streets, view the blue sea that stretches along the horizon and be embraced by the calm pace. Are you a Mediterranean-fan, this is the place to be.

Resor_till_Cavtat_i_Kroatien_båt_med_Nygren_Lind_Resebyrå Resor_till_Cavtat_i_Kroatien_Hamn_med_Nygren_Lind_Resebyrå Resor_till_Cavtat_i_Kroatien_hus_med_Nygren_Lind_Resebyrå Resor_till_Cavtat_i_Kroatien_med_Nygren_Lind_Resebyrå Resor_till_Cavtat_i_Kroatien_Restaurang_med_Nygren_Lind_Resebyrå Resor_till_Cavtat_i_Kroatien_Tjej_med_Nygren_Lind_Resebyrå

Why not go by boat to Dubrovnik during the day while you are here? Here are charter tourists and jetset-people with their own boats. Experience a boat trip in the Croatian archipelago and its crystal clear water. The small town of Cavtat also borders Montenegro if you wish to visit another country during your stay. Maximize your holiday with even more experiences!

Walk along the coast into the sunrise in Cavtat

The little romantic peninsula has a lot of history to explore. Stroll around the city and see St. Nicholas Church or Franciscan Monastery. There is also plenty of museums to visit. Finish your strolling with a cup of espresso at one of many cozy cafes available, or end it with a walk along the coast down to the harbor. Not far away, by foot, you will come to a beach where you can cool off after a day with a refreshing swim.

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