Dubrovnik is the ideal for a long weekend. The charming town is nicely based between the beautiful coves. Experience the contrasts with the bare mountains and the blue sea. Stroll around the narrow alleyways, see the old churches or experience the lovely walk of the city wall.

Resor_till_Dubrovnik_i_Kroatien-Båt_med_Nygren_Lind_Resebyrå Resor_till_Dubrovnik_i_Kroatien-middag_med_Nygren_Lind_Resebyrå Resor_till_Dubrovnik_i_Kroatien_hav-med_Nygren_Lind_Resebyrå Resor_till_Dubrovnik_i_Kroatien_hus-med_Nygren_Lind_Resebyrå Resor_till_Dubrovnik_i_Kroatien_med_Nygren_Lind_Resebyrå Resor_till_Dubrovnik_i_Kroatien_port-med_Nygren_Lind_Resebyrå

At the bottom of southern Croatia we find Dubrovnik, an exciting mix between the new and the old. Terracotta-stained brick roofs, solid stone walls and their white, winding limestone lands become effective against the blue Adriatic Sea. Enjoy a dip in the ocean, buy snorkels or rent a boat. There is a lot to do in one of the world’s finest cities!

Discover Dubrovnik by the limestone street Stradun

An amazing view awaits the two-kilometer ring wall that stretches around the old city. Here you will also find small cozy coffeehouse and drinks if desired. Continue on to the famous main street Stradun, with the beautiful marble floor and the nice shops and get ready for some shopping. There are plenty of good quality restaurants available on the side streets. There are also bars, pizzerias and bakeries.

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