White, precious limestone characterizes streets and plazas in the beautiful, romantic city of Split. Walk along the harbor and feel the sea's fresh breeze by the sunset at the horizon. Visit the charming cafés and enjoy a delicious meal at one of the city's fine restaurants. History, nightlife and shopping can also be enjoyed here.

Resor_till_Split_i_Kroatien_Segling_med_Nygren_Lind_Resebyrå Resor_till_Split_i_Kroatien_Naturpark_med_Nygren_Lind_Resebyrå Resor_till_Split_i_Kroatien_Mat_med_Nygren_Lind_Resebyrå Resor_till_Split_i_Kroatien_Hus_med_Nygren_Lind_Resebyrå Resor_till_Split_i_Kroatien_Hamn_med_Nygren_Lind_Resebyrå Resor_till_Split_i_Kroatien_Skärgården_med_Nygren_Lind_Resebyrå

The fragrance of rosemary flourishes in Split. Here is the historic Emperor Palace Diocletian located. Arches, pillar and palace walls are well preserved. Look up to the blue sky and see the beautifully decorated bell tower. Go outside the palace walls, sit down on a cozy outdoor terrace and enjoy the incredible view of the sea and the other islands of the Croatian archipelago.

Go along the coast to the beautiful Plitvice Lakes National Park outside Split

If you are interested in a day trip, we recommend that you travel along the coast to the beautiful Plitvice Lakes National Park. A natural experience in itself with greenery, waterfalls and crystal clear water. Split is also a perfect starting point for those who want to enjoy more of Croatia’s archipelago and islands. Go to Hvar, Vis, Korcula and Brac, just to name a few, with the ferries in the harbor. It’s very easy to get around by boat!

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