Paphos - the place in Cyprus where history meets the present. The contrasts are many and fascinating. From great swim on day time, enjoying lovely Cypriot meals at local cafes to historic excavations named after its size and magnificence - visit the Cyprus ancient aristocracy's King Tombs which are linked to Alexandria.

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Aphrodite’s cliff is not far away and many visit this site dedicated to the goddess of love – according to the legend, she was born out of the foaming sea. It is the most popular place for wedding couples on the island. It is also said that if you swim in the right direction around the cliff, at the right day and the right time, you will be 10 years younger…

Paphos – a city on UNESCO World Heritage List

The world’s largest outdoor museum? With so many historical landmarks – the King’s Tombs, the wine estate of Dionysos, and the large medieval castle in the harbor, the entire city of Paphos gained a natural place on the UNESCO World Heritage List. An abundant and active daily life is experienced in the harbor. A lovely mix of Cypriots and tourists from all over the world. Paphos also has a perfect location for further exploration of Cyprus.

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