Czech Republic

Czech Republic lies in the middle of Europe's crossing between old trading routes from east to west and from north to south. The capital Prague is also called East Europe's Paris thanks to its beautiful architecture and romantic atmosphere. Weekend trips to Prague are becoming increasingly popular and curious tourists from around the world choose Prague as a destination.


Travel a week to the Czech Republic and experience the beautiful scenery characterized by the surrounding mountain ranges. Whichever way you go, the mountain ranges rise against the outskirts of the Czech Republic. The highest point in the country is Siska and measures 1 602 meters above sea level. The center of the country is made of plateaus, and through the landscape flows several large rivers like Elbe, Oder, Ohre and Berounka.

Amounts of castles and ruins in the Czech Republic

The country’s history is rich and exciting and there are a lot of castles and ruins. Within the culture, the country is proud in poetry and literature, and its main author was Kafka. Even theaters and movies have ancient ancestors in the country and are much appreciated. Prague has developed into a really good food town. The quality of raw materials, cooking and service is high and almost always at a lower price than in other European cities.

Unique travel tips about travel to Czech Republic

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