Our neighbor country, Denmark was once a great Viking nation, but is now a modern country that attracts the world with his playfulness, long coastline, rich food culture and popular design. Denmark's nature is both varied and rich with lakes, cliffs, sand dunes, beautiful beaches and open coastlines.


Denmark attracts those who want to bike, hike, surf and golf, or just enjoy the city life. In total, there are over 200 golf courses – and the country has just over 5 million inhabitants! The National Park Thy, is considered to have the country’s best surfing waters, while the Wadden Sea is home to seal flocks and the Mols Mountains is enriched with both castle ruins and sandy beaches.

Odense, Denmark – Hans Christian Andersen’s hometown

Denmark is often associated with the capital Copenhagen, which is known as the bicycle-friendly city. The country also has a beautiful and wide archipelago, a long history, an environmental awareness, grand designs and world-renowned restaurants. Visit the picturesque holiday town of Skagen, where the oceans Kattegat and Skagerrak meet, world famous writer Hans Christian Andersen’s hometown Odense, old and exciting Viking city of Roskilde or the romantic island of Bornholm.

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