Our neighbor, Finland is characterized by open spaces, beautiful architecture, friendly residents and a pleasant tranquility. The country may feel Scandinavians geographically close, but feels in many ways far away. The beautiful capital Helsinki reflects both the Russian and Swedish heritage with its open square and Orthodox Cathedral.


Our neighbor has more than five million inhabitants and nearly half as many saunas. In addition to its saunas, the country is known for its almost endless wilderness, thousands of lakes and plenty of opportunities for outdoor adventure. Whether it’s water sports, fishing, skiing or hiking attracts, offers Finland a variety of options for outings in the open.

Finland is equal outdoor

Finland is for many people snowmobile safaris, meetings with Santa Claus, impressive auroras and Sami culture. The country also offers a large archipelago, plenty of music festivals, national parks, castles and well known fashion. Walk in the clean and straight lines among street with Swedish names or travel here for the midnight sun and northern lights. For those interested, there are plenty of modern museums. However, we recommend that you quickly unwind and just enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.

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