Vineyards, purple lavender fields, white beaches and charming hotels. Provence is best to visit by car. Here it is nice summer most part of the year. The charming medieval villages are well preserved, the Roman ancient monuments characterize the landscape that has attracted artists from around the world for several centuries.

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Nature is very varied. It stretches from the Southern Alps to the woody-like wetlands of Camargue, where you find flamingos and wild horses. Provence is true France. The region has an international character in the east, on the French Riviera, but is dominated by countryside idyll.

The pace is slower in Provence

Boule, or petanque as it is called here, is like the lunch break holy to the locals. Old-fashioned stone houses, narrow alleys, cafes, wine cellars, churches, fountains and picturesque squares gives you harmony. Visit one of the markets and experience fresh flowers, fruits and vegetables. Sit down at a cafe and just enjoy.

Unique travel tips about travel to Provence

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