Germany is one of the world's leading industrial countries. It is the second most populous country in Europe after Russia. The large country, located in the heart of Europe, offers everything from sandy beaches, mountains, forests and lakes to the medieval port cities, modern metropolises and numerous cultural events.


Germany is an amazing country with countless destinations to choose of in 16 different states. Beautiful sceneries, charming villages and towns that invite to the lively street life and activities unique to the place you are visiting. Beer festivals of all sizes arranged all year round which is very popular with locals and tourists.

Combine your trip to Germany

A combination trip to Germany can include many nice components – mix sun and sea on the East Coast’s beautiful beaches with shopping in big cities and hiking in the beautiful countryside. You may visit 16 national parks where nature controls human being and you can expect a genuine landscape with diverse flora and fauna. All on a single trip. For those interested in history there are many world heritages in Germany and for those looking for mystery and romance – how about a visit to a castle?

Unique travel tips about travel to Germany

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Places in Germany

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