Great Britain

In every corner of Britain, you'll find hundreds of great attractions, ranging from small local museums and galleries to food and drinks. The world-famous landmarks such as Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, are in the world metropolis and capital London. Britain has a rich and fascinating history.


Britain’s history goes back to 6500 BC and you’ll find monuments from all its history – from Stonehenge to Buckingham Palace. In the UK, you will find several UNESCO World Heritage sites, both cultural and natural heritage. Several cities worth a visit: Bath, Canterbury, Chester, Durham, Oxford, Stratford-upon-Avon and York.

Things to do in Great Britain

It is perhaps easier to mention what you are not able to do … on your trip to the UK it is just imagination and interests that sets the limits for your discoveries. After all the historical and cultural visit with maybe some shopping, it’s never far to the nearest pub that we Scandinavians have a special love for. Talk to the locals and get insider tips as they love to share them with you. Do not miss a musical if the trip goes to London.

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