Experience the magnificent views and the classic architecture of Scotland is famous for. Travel through fields and fjords and breathe in the fresh Scottish air. Scotland promises many wonderful prospects, some of the world's best golf courses and many stories about mythological creatures like the Loch Ness Monster.


Scotland is often associated with its dramatic views, its ancient castles and stately forests, its many golf courses and its centuries-old whiskey production. There are over 100 castles and the country is very proud to have invented the Gulf in the 1400s – a testament to why St Andrews with the Old Course and The Links is the golf mecca of the world.

Edinburgh in Scotland has world heritage sites

Travel to the ancient capital, Edinburgh, and visit its World Heritage sites or see stately buildings, villages and islands. The best views of the city are from the top of the mountain Arthur’s Seat, just east of downtown. Take a walk in the Garden Royal Botanic Gardens and enjoy 10 000 different plant species from all over the world. The archipelago of St Kilda consists of seven islands located in a volcanic archipelago and has some of the highest cliffs in Europe.

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