Hungary, with its central location in Europe, is usually associated with thermal baths which are essential to experience while you are there. Most of them are located in the old, historic and interesting buildings worth the experience and the visit itself. Capital Budapest leave no one indifferent, it is one of the best preserved cities in Europe after World War II.


Historical sights are everywhere in Hungary and are mixed with new modern shopping centers and hotels in all classes. Tourism is growing, creating increased demand for accommodation. Two of the best known and probably the most beautiful spas in Budapest, are the Szechenyi thermal baths and luxurious Gellert thermal baths which are a must-visit when you are in the capital of Hungary.

Hungary offers a wide range of experiences

In addition to the thermal baths with lots of unforgettable spa-experiences, the country’s capital has a continuous amount of activities for everyone whether you are looking for entertainment, culture or shopping. The Hungarian cuisine gets your taste buds going with spicy sausage and hearty soups. Enjoy Hungarian Tokaji wines and finish the dinner with a local fruity dessert. A lively and entertaining evening and nightlife can make your days in Budapest enjoy fully long.

Unique travel tips about travel to Hungary

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