The mythical and unique Iceland has fairy tales, volcanoes and glaciers. The rugged landscape is surprisingly quiet and peaceful. Be imprisoned by the beautiful Scandinavian folk music, the well-preserved Viking-like language, the hot springs and the fascinating nature found in Iceland.


The rare nature of the lagoons, fjords, glaciers, mountains, wilderness and the northern lights is what make visitors dream of the country long after leaving it. The rugged landscape is surprisingly quiet and peaceful. Relax in a mineral-rich source, on the horseback or take a long walk in one of the national parks.

Each season in Iceland has its charm

Each season has its unique charm and there is always something beautiful to see. The capital Reykjavik is the country’s cultural center and has several world-class restaurants – res here for a tasty gourmet weekend. Shop around among the odd, beautiful products and Icelandic garments such an Icelandic sweater. You will quickly notice the Icelanders genuine hospitality – accept with open arms and you get a lot back.

Unique travel tips about travel to Iceland

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