Let yourself be seduced over and over again by wonderful and charming Italy. A country that offers the most – sunbathing, beaches and swimming, skiing, culture, food and more. Enjoy a stunning sunset at the Amalfi coast, sit on a cafe in Rome and look out over the Colosseum, enjoy delicious Italian food and wine at a vineyard in Tuscany. Don’t leave to soon…


Travel south and experience the historic and charming villages with lively squares. Stroll around the narrow streets and stop and look at the architectural masterpiece like Basilica di Santa Croce in Lecce. Take a break and sit at a local Italian cafe, enjoy a real Macchiato, dream away and enjoy Italy when it’s at its best.

Italy is always on its tows

Enjoy a weekend trip to Rome, a holiday week with sun and sea to Sardinia and Sicily, football in Turin and Rome, fashion trip to Milan, skiing in the Italian Alps, take the gondola ride in Venice and play countless golf courses – there is a reason to travel back to Italy. The famous Italian cuisine emphasizes the authentic ingredients of the highest quality and the home of parmesan, mozzarella and gorgonzola masters much more than just pasta and pizza.

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