Rome, known for its beautiful buildings and fountains, awaits with its mysterious catacombs and gastronomic experiences. Travelers worldwide visit one of the oldest capitals in Europa for romance and extraordinary history.


Rome, the town located on seven hills, has remaints from the antiquity and the Roman empire as well as from the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the Baroque times. Enjoy beautiful architecture such as the fortress Castel Sant’Angelo, the  triumphal  Arch of Constantine, Temple of Portunus and charming district of Trastevere. Quaint streets, alleys, cobblestones and piazzas all together as one, as well as big squares.

Travel to Rome – visit Colosseum

Classic attractions such as the Colosseum gives a mental image of what it was like when the gladiators used to fight in Roman times, St. Peter’s Basilica gives a mighty feeling of walking in the footsteps of architects such as Donato Bramante and Michelangelo, while the Spanish Steps offer a moment’s relaxation from the day’s shopping adventure and gives an excellent chance to people watch.

Unique travel tips about travel to Rome in Italy

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