Sicily, the Mediterranean's largest island with four million inhabitants, offers a fantastic, romantic atmosphere throughout the island. In the picturesque small villages you can walk for hours on cobbled streets. Enjoy a real Italian espresso on the plaza and finish the day by an ice cream stand with a cooling gelato in your hand.

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Highly situated with breathtaking views, Italian charm and cultural-historical sights, lies the dreamy city of Taormina. Here you will find a famous magnificent church, a cathedral and many local, amazing restaurants. If you get tired of the stunning view, a cable car takes you down to the Mediterranean Sea in five minutes. Welcome to the east coast on Siciliy!

Climb volcanoes in Sicily!

Surrounded by palm and lemon trees, hibiscus flowers and colorful parasols, you will enjoy your holiday on the beach in Giardini-Naxos. If lazy days on the beaches should not be interesting for you, Sicily has many active crater to visit. We recommend a guided tour with a volcano guide. An absolutely stunning experience! 20 minutes away is also the famous Alcantara River (Golla Dell’Alcantra), which is the perfect place for a cooling dip on a warm summer day.

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