Venice in Northeast Italy is a perfect destination for a weekend trip only 2.5 hours by air from Sweden. Nobody is left untouched by this fascinating maze to town on water. You are led by the romantic atmosphere and familiarize yourself with the city's captivating history up close in your own gondola.

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You will never get tired of everything Venice has to offer. The city’s beautiful buildings, outstanding food and fascinating culture enchant you completely. As you slide along the canal in your own gondola with your own private gondolier wearing a hat, striped sweater and black pants – lean back and capture the fascinating history of the city. According to many, Venice will disappear so hurry up!

Summer time in Venice in Italy

Curious visitors, visits the narrow alleys that hide magnificent churches and historic buildings. Bring a map – Venice’s inner crossroads are described as charming mazes. Hotels are available in all classes, but experience an unforgettable luxury stay in a 13th century palace hotel near St. Mark’s Square. Do you travel to Venice in Italy in the summer time, go out to Lido’s long, beautiful beaches for a cool dip! The island is located in Venice’s lagoon and has a calmer and more holiday-like pace.

Unique travel tips about travel to Venice in Italy

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