The capital of Lithuania, Vilnius, has one of Europe's largest preserved medieval towns and is said to be one of the most beautiful cities in Eastern Europe. The Old Town, located on the UNESCO World Heritage Site, houses almost two thousand buildings in the medieval, gothic, renaissance and baroque style, all gathered around the neoclassical cathedral and town hall.

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Other popular attractions in Vilnius, are the KGB Museum, housed in an old Soviet prison, and the high-rise 13th-century castle offering unparalleled views of the city center. The Lithuanian bread is considered by the population, as the symbol for all major festivities in life. The bread is served with homemade cheese and is a must-try on your visit.

Lithuania – endless diversity

How about horse racing on ice? The most popular event in the winter. The indoors facilities offer global performances in modern concert halls with a wide range of events. The art lover is offered a variety of exhibitions with different subjects. If you want peace and health, you should go to Birštonas – known as the oasis of peace and health. You will achieve recovery of mental balance, peace of mind and surrounded by good spirits in a multitude of SPA- and health treatments.

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