The archipelago in Northern Norway attracts nature lovers and curious tourists from all over the world. The travelers arrive by plane, boat, bus or car - the island group in northern Norway, is beautifully situated on the coast and charms its visitors with its small fishing sheds on the rocks, and unique and spectacular natural phenomena that can be seen in the sky.

Resor-till-Lofoten-i-Norge---fotbollsplan-Nygren-Lind-Resebyrå Resor-till-Lofoten-i-Norge---nordljus-Nygren-Lind-Resebyrå Resor-till-Lofoten-i-Norge---landskap-Nygren-Lind-Resebyrå Resor-till-Lofoten-i-Norge---nordljus-himmel--Nygren-Lind-Resebyrå Resor-till-Lofoten-i-Norge---landskap-kusten-Nygren-Lind-Resebyrå Resor-till-Lofoten-i-Norge---hus-vid-klippan--Nygren-Lind-Resebyrå Resor-till-Lofoten-i-Norge---staden-vid-havet-Nygren-Lind-Resebyrå Resor-till-Lofoten-i-Norge---glaciär-Nygren-Lind-Resebyrå Resor-till-Lofoten-i-Norge---fiskbåt-Nygren-Lind-Resebyrå

The natural phenomena are in line… the nordic lights and the midnight sun. The boat life is lively and in the harbor the fishing boats come in with the catch of the day. Many rent their own boats or join guided boat trips arranged by local guides. Fishing is great and it is very rare for anyone to return without catch.

Lofoten has a grand nature on the coast

Lofoten’s beautiful coast is referred to as one of the most beautiful places in the world. Indisputable! It is incredibly beautiful and during the stay, you wake up to new amazing experiences that you will never forget. Put a new personal record in cod fishing – expect a real swimmer, called scream, on the hook. King crab, cod, saithe, halibut, redfish and catfish grow large here and the scree (large cod) plays on the coast. If you are looking for an activity-rich holiday in nature, Lofoten in Norway is the place for you.

Unique travel tips about travel to Lofoten

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