The cozy weekend pearl Poland has big cities and sandy beaches. Experience the country's varied richness with the Polish Riviera in the north, the mountains in the south and the Błędów-desert just outside Kraków. Beautiful preserved sights, history if the World War II or relax in a modern spa.


A visit to the woods of Białowieza is a must. The forest is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage List and it is a home to a number of species of animals and plant species that died in many other parts of Europe, such as brown bear and European bison that live wild here. Breathe in the bald, cool air and become one with the nature. Here you can walk for hours.

Hike in the beautiful Tatra Mountains in Poland!

Poland’s rich tradition of theater, film, art and music has led to several significant authors and a number of Nobel Prize winners. Visit exciting museums, open squares, narrow streets and big markets. Go skiing or hiking in Tatra Mountains. Visit the capital Warsaw, basically rebuilt after World War II. The medieval city of Kraków is both charming and cozy but also modern. The city of Gdansk also has beautiful old city walls.

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