Portugal offers beautiful scenery, wonderful beaches and old towns. When you have completed all the sights of Lisbon, one can easily get to the coastal towns Caiscais and Estoril where there are fine golf courses and beaches.


Portugal is known for its sunshine and beaches, since the country has 850 kilometers of coastline facing the Atlantic Ocean. Tourists visit Portugal to experience the good life with fine wines, culinary adventures and the combination of traditions and novelties. Golfers find their paradise on championship golf courses and historical fans, find their peace in Sintra.

The islands of Portugal – Azores and Madeira

Regardless if it’s the island group of Azores, the mainland or the island of Madeira that attracts you, Portugal has something for everyone. Travel here to get a feel for the rich cultural life, the beautiful landscape and the historic legacies, as well as the lovely language. The Portugeeses are well known for their warmth and welcoming hospitality. Expect a greet with a big smile and open arms.

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Places in Portugal

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