Russia is often associated with large-scale buildings, grandiose squares, the Black Sea and the Trans-Siberian Railway. Here you will also find plenty of historical sights, Soviet heritage and some of the world's top museums. Russia is the world’s largest country when it comes to area filled with exciting and surprising contrasts.


The nature is plentiful – there are over 30 national parks and 100 nature reserves. Here are mountains, volcanoes and rivers as well as metropolises, opera houses and international film festivals. The capital city Moscow, is a true iconic metropolis with its basilica and the Red Square. Here you mat visit the world-famous Kremlin and the Bolshoi Theatre.

Moscow and St.Petersburg in Russia

The classical Moscow means visits to the observatory and ballet performances, but there is another side of Moscow as well – a more modern and experimental. Explore the trendy art galleries, night clubs and music cafes. Saint Petersburg, Russia’s second largest city, is a beautiful and historical city and on the UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Here is the Winter Palace, the Hermitage and the Mariinsky Theatre. We also recommend a jazz brunch …

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Places in Russia

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