Serbia has a long and rich history and has always been a real melting pot of different nations and inspiring cultures. History has left many relics and traces of prehistoric and Roman sites to the medieval fortresses and Serbian monasteries with wonderful and valuable icons.


Let yourself be swept away – Serbia offers unforgettable adventures and exciting experiences you might not experience in any other country. Book a sailing tour on the flowing Danube, go hiking in the beautiful mountains. Stop and enjoy the feeling and take in the beautiful views that will make you wonder what fairytale you are in.

Belgrade in Serbia has been destroyed many times

In the capital, Belgrade, you can visit the largest cathedral of its kind in the Orthodox world – St. Sava Cathedral. After many complete destructions, the capital has risen again and is now a beautiful, life-affirming city with nice places and a lively nightlife. The food is a happy mix of Turkish and Hungarian cuisine with influences of Mediterranean cuisine – good and exciting in other words.

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