Despite the small size, there is much more to experience in Slovakia than you might think. Everything from ski resorts to hot springs which are used for spa experiences to the modernly equipped baths and spas available in many places around the country. Welcome to the diverse and exciting Slovakia!


For the adventurous, the country offers most caves in Central Europe, several of which are on the UNESCO’s World Heritage List. These are extra protected so it is wise to check which are open and accessible to visitors. Take the kids to the water park to cool off in the heat. Eat and enjoy good local dishes as goulash stew and the national dish bryndzové halušky.

Slovakia is ready to be discovered

Are you and your travel companion curious and ready to discover new places that few others have discovered – Welcome to Slovakia! The country offers hiking, biking, para-gliding and skiing. Cure yourself in the spa town’s mineral springs and baths. Be enthralled by ancient castles, and check the calendar when the cultural festivals are held. If your journey goes to Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, you have a large number of galleries, museums to choose from.

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