Slovenia has become increasingly popular. Tourism is increasing and even the Northern Europeans have started to look for trips and holidays to this new and exciting country. Very good wines are produced at the many Slovenian vineyards located around in the country. The capital Ljubljana welcomes you with a mix of small town feel and modern metropolis.


The youth gathered at cafes around the city squares, rarely notice the beautiful and ancient buildings that surround them and wreath the square. But everything is united in a beautiful mix of old and new and as it should be for a European capital, Ljubljana offers all the modernity’s one can expect. Into shopping? The capital is the place…

The wine in Slovenia is of the highest quality

High mountains and deep forests – the country is characterized by rich sceneries. If you travel around, you are invited to hilly countryside with majestic views and amazing natural experiences, and almost behind every curve lies a vineyard that produces excellent wines. Vine exports are relatively small, but the quality of the wine is often the same as in Italy and other wine-producing countries around. Slovenia’s coast towards the Mediterranean offers nice beaches, but it is not sun and bath that attracts tourists to Slovenia.

Unique travel tips about travel to Slovenia

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