Discover Barcelona's pulse, Madrid's elegance or combine sunbathing and swimming with city life in Palma, Mallorca. Spain has much to offer - the fantastic sceneries, beautiful art, delicious tapas, wonderful wines and much, much more. The country offers endless possibilities, all year round.


The spring arrives a little earlier than in Scandinavia so many travel to Spain to experience a taste of what we have been waiting for so long – nice warmth in the spring sunshine and to see the flowers growing again. The big cities in Spain are popular for weekend trips and offer a lot to do. Arts, opera, theater, nice café-life in most squares and beautiful narrow alleys between the historic buildings.

Mallorca in Spain for families with children

Majorca is the largest of five islands in the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean. The island is close to Scandinavia with sunny days and beautiful beaches along the coast, which makes making the island into one of our most beloved destination since the beginning of travel, and we continue to go there year after year. Palma has a nice atmosphere with countless tapas restaurants, nice alleys and a lot of fun nightlife. We recommend Mallorca for families traveling with children.

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Places in Spain

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